In today’s world, security systems are not just bunch of cameras monitoring a specified area, but with intelligent solutions they can provide automated safety service. Video surveillance has been used in various industries for many years, cameras are protecting state institutions, private enterprises, and the street of our cities. With infrared sensor technology, indoor and outdoor inspection at nighttime is also possible, providing 24/7 control without the need of an expensive and disturbing lighting equipment.

Security systems today are not simple CCTV systems:

  • with image processing, automated intrusion detection, facial recognition, object classification and detection and crowd analysis are all available
  • access control combined with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Automated Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (AUVIS) can provide the full control of entering devices with state of the art technology
  • video analytic solutions make it possible to send alarms automatically

CCTV systems with integrated machine vision technologies such as security imaging can operate physical access control systems providing professional surveillance solutions.

Thanks to the use of surveillance cameras in banks and financial institutions, the number of robberies has significantly decreased. Should they happen, however, the chances of solving them are considerably higher than they used to be thanks to the modern megapixel cameras with high resolution and reliability.

Security systems for petroleum industry not only can provide surveillance for wells, pipes and refineries. A vision system with ANPR or any method for identification can reduce internal and external theft by use of evidentiary video. Such a system can also help facilitate organization and management of the mother station. A camera system combined with weighing can provide that all vehicles are carrying the proper amount of petrol product.

In these times of globalization, goods are transported around the world. To protect them from loss or theft on their way from the manufacturer to the consumer, surveillance cameras have become a fixture in logistics and transportation systems. And network cameras are increasingly used for process control, for example, in automatic distribution centers and packing systems.

Security systems are using IP network cameras due to their robust housing and Ethernet connection for easy integration.

If you have a project in the security industry that needs a machine vision camera or special digital industrial camera, please visit us with your questions, we will gladly help you to identify the core parameters, and help you to choose from hundreds of possible cameras and accessories to get the optimal solution for your problem!

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